School Policies

Tuel Lane Infant  School Policies

Please click on the link, if you prefer paper copies these are available on request from the School Office.

Accessibility Plan Access to the Building

Accessibility Plan.pdf

Anti Bullying

Attainment Data 2017

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy

British Values

Complaints Procedure leaflet for Parents

Complaints Policy

Charging and Remissions

Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Themes

Data Protection Policy

DDA Plans and Requirements

Diversity and Equalities Policy

Emergency Plan

Fair processing 1 and Fair processing – layer 2 and Fair processing layer 3

Intimate Personal Care Policy

Medical Needs Policy

PE & Sport Premium

Pupil Premium Report 2016 2017

Reading Policy

Safeguarding at Tuel Lane Infant School

Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy

Sex & Relationships Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Uniform and Dress Code