School Uniform and Dress Code


School uniform is optional. The school dress code is in place to ensure the health and safety of pupils whilst they are at school.

Suggested Uniform/ school wear

The school uniform is optional.

  • Sweat shirt or cardigan carrying the school logo. Two colours are available, red and navy blue.
  • Grey trousers/ skirts/dresses
  • PE kit- plain t-shirt (any colour), plain shorts and pumps/ trainers kept in a draw-string bag.

Book bags and PE bags carrying the school logo are available.

All school uniform items carrying the school logo are available from the school office; some items may need to be ordered. The school does not profit from the sale of school uniform items.

Dress code

Children should come to school with a warm, shower proof coat and wear sensible shoes, suitable for running, playing and taking exercise outside. Trainers are acceptable but fashion shoes with high heels, flip-flops or slip-on canvas shoes are not recommended.

School staff will inform parents if in their opinion the shoes a child is wearing would make certain activities unsafe.

In winter we suggest a pair of wellies is kept under the child’s peg.

In summer we suggest a sun hat is left in school for play times.

Small ear studs or earrings are acceptable but other jewellery is not. Earrings that could catch in the clothing of others or cause injury to a child’s ears if caught in PE apparatus are not acceptable. Other jewellery, in particular finger rings, watches and necklaces can be dangerous and children should not be sent to school wearing these items. If children attend wearing items that school staff consider dangerous for the activities that children will be involved in the staff will ask the child to remove the item and it will be put away safely. If school staff feel they cannot remove the item safely parents will be telephoned to attend school to remove the item.

Please note that school cannot accept any responsibility for items of jewellery or watches that children wear to school.

Cultural or religious dress

School will respect cultural or religious dress. If such clothing or items of jewellery with religious or cultural significance could cause a health and safety hazard in the opinion of school staff discussions will be held with parents and a reasonable agreement reached.

All clothing and belongings should be clearly named.

Parents of children in Nursery or Reception classes (EYFS) are asked to bring spare clothing- underwear, socks, trousers/skirt…in case of accidents!