Tuel Lane Newsletter: 11th October 2019

Tuel Lane Newsletter: 11th October 2019

Parents’ Consultation Evening

Next week – Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th October – will be our first parent’s evening of the new academic year. We run a longer session on the first evening and a slightly shorter one on the second in order for all parents to sign up to an appointment.
This will be the chance for you to speak with your child’s class teacher and find out about how well your child has settled into their new class. We feel that at this stage of the year, it is most important for your child to feel happy coming to school; understand the rules and routines of the classroom and have built a solid platform from which their learning can accelerate throughout the rest of the academic year.

At these consultations next week, the focus will be on your child’s personal, social and emotional achievements so far, and as the year progresses, the focus for these meetings will move more towards your child’s academic achievements. To get the most out of your consultation, we feel it would work best for both parties if your child was not present at the meeting as this is a chance for you to have a quality conversation with the class teacher without any distractions! If however, you are struggling to find childcare, there will be someone who can keep an eye on your child whilst you have the discussion with your child’s teacher.

All consultations, including Nursery, will take place in the hall. Please use the main entrance on Clay Street where school staff will be available to meet you and assist. As next week’s consultations focus primarily on how well your child has settled and guidance on how you can support the next steps in their learning, the opportunity to see all of your child’s work will be at our Open Afternoon. This will take place after the half term holiday on Thursday 14th November (please see the newsletter dated 27/09/19, which is available on the website in the ‘Parents’ – ‘Communication’ – ‘Newsletters’ tab).
We look forward to seeing you all next week.

Local Visits

We are well underway with our studies now and teachers are looking to bring your child’s learning to life with visitors coming into school and local trips to places of interest that support the learning in the classroom. You will have signed a ‘Local Visits’ permission form at the start of the year – this is so that we don’t have to ask for you to return a signed slip every time we leave the school grounds. It reduces teacher’s workload and doesn’t mean any child misses out on a visit if circumstances have prevented a return of a signed form.
Please do be reassured that whenever a visit outside of school takes place, a risk assessment is always completed; a pre-visit is conducted by staff members and parents will be informed of where and why we are making the visit.


Diary Dates

Wed 16/10 – Foxes visit Christ Church (church!)
Wed 16/10 – Parents’ Evening
Thur 17/10 – Parents’ Evening
Thur 24/10 – Autumn Concert
(9.15am & 2.15pm)
Fri 25/10 – School Closes (3.15pm)
Mon 04/11 – Staff Training Day
(School closed to pupils)
Tues 05/11 – School Opens (8.50am)
Thur 07/11 – Reception eye tests
Thur 14/11 – Open Afternoon
Tues 19/11 – NSPCC Parents’ Workshop