The Tuel Lane Curriculum

Our Curriculum is:

A people and places curriculum
A look and see, listen and hear, reach out and touch, wonder and ponder curriculum
A now and then, here and there, me and you curriculum
A what is it, how does it work, why did it change, why did that happen, where did it come from curriculum
A story and song curriculum
And a magic and sparkle curriculum!


Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

The love of learning for our children is at the heart of all that we do.

Every aspect of the curriculum at Tuel Lane is valued as we seek to encourage independence, develop skills, learn from mistakes and bring learning to life.

Strategic intent

To develop a curriculum which:


  • Engages, excites, informs and enriches our children’s learning
  • Builds a rich understanding of key knowledge, high-quality vocabulary and social skills
  • Allows every child to bridge strength-gaps and experience success,
  • Develops confident, resilient, independent learners as well as the notion of team work and collaboration
  • Promotes a sense of nurturing and belonging in every member of the school family

Curriculum principles

Our curriculum is designed so that children develop their academic, social and cultural abilities to ensure they become skilled readers, writers, mathematicians, scientist and artists, as well as confident speakers, listeners, thinkers, problem-solvers, reasoners and evaluaters.

Throughout the early Years and Key Stage 1, children at Tuel Lane Infant School will have the opportunity to access all of the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the best possible outcomes, fulfil their potential and move on to the next phase of education as successful, ambitious and hard-working learners.

We believe in high aspirations – removing barriers so that every learning opportunity counts. Children will leave Tuel Lane Infant School feeling secure, with happy memories, as confident and able learners.

Implementation – The Knowledge-Engaged approach

Knowledge and skills are two key aspects of our curriculum design that are taught together within our 2-yearly cycle framework. The overall aims of our knowledge engaged curriculum is for pupils to develop both knowledge and skill alongside each other with an emphasis on cross-curricular teaching. Meaningful links in learning are made in order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that excites, engages and enthuses our children to challenge themselves. Learning is made relevant to the daily lives of our pupils with educational research and the latest theories of classroom practice and pedagogy implemented appropriately to further enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Content and Sequence

At Tuel Lane Infant School, we believe learning is a journey. The content of the curriculum is sequenced logically, is in line with national expectations and is built on a foundation of knowledge. Teaching deliberately enables children to transfer their knowledge and skills across varied areas of our curriculum.

Teaching and Learning, Assessment and Feedback

Learning is at the core of what happens in our classrooms. We believe that every lesson counts and teachers and teaching assistants are experts in using the most engaging, immersive and effective strategies to teach children.

Memorable experiences at Tuel Lane Infant School enrich our curriculum while long-term memory is embedded through strategies such as purposeful repetition, interleaving curriculum design and constant reinforcement of high-level speaking, listening and vocabulary.

Formative assessment is a cornerstone of our pedagogy and prior knowledge is used as a component for new learning. When children are identified not to be on track to reach our high expectations for their learning, preventative action will be taken in consultation with the class teacher, the assessment lead and SENDCo (as appropriate).

All pupils receive regular and clear feedback which enhances learning. Assessment and feedback are embedded in everyday practice and used to inform teaching and learning. All pupils are clear about how they need to improve. Marking is linked to the learning intention and identifies next step prompts. Pupils are given time to address issues raised in marking (at an age appropriate level).


The impact of our curriculum is that by the end of each year, the vast majority of our children are at the very least, working at age related expectations, with a view to as many as possible having sustained mastery of the taught content – they remember, are able to do and know what they have been taught in great depth.

Children understand that expectations are consistently high in every subject, so pupils’ work across the curriculum is of high quality and children take pride in all areas of their learning. Pupils’ develop a love of reading that is born of the culture of reading that is growing throughout school.

Our curriculum design means children will leave Tuel Lane Infant School ready for their next stage in education with the knowledge and skills that they need to succeed in Key Stage 2.