Parent Letter 03 04 20

Dear Parents

We hope you are all keeping fit, well, healthy and surviving during these most testing of times. It is the most bizarre of situations having a school open but only seeing a handful of our children and families and not being able to communicate to you and your children in the ways we have done in ‘normal’ times!

In this new world, Tuel Lane will be continuing to communicate with our families and provide some learning opportunities to our children through the following ways:

  • Curriculum: teachers are planning a weekly optional curriculum for each class that will start after Easter.

We will send this to parents via email and it will be available on the school website on each class page.

We will not be sending work for what would have been the Easter holidays starting this Friday, 3rd April. As a school, we feel it’s right for all children and families (as well as staff) to try and have a rest and a break from work and enjoy family time together as best as you can in these most unprecedented of circumstances.

  • Communication:

Parent email: School has gathered in nearly all parent email addresses now so you will start seeing weekly communication from your child’s class teacher from the start of the summer term (w/c Monday 20th April). This will include the week’s learning plan, including some fun, creative and collaborative family tasks, as well as an update message from the teacher to your child.

(Please contact school with your email address if you haven’t already done so).

 Email your teacher via the class email: each class has a new email address so that your child’s class teacher can send out the weekly curriculum tasks. We also want to encourage two-way communication from home to school, whether this is a query about the tasks or a celebration of what your child has achieved at home via a picture/comment of what they have been doing.

The first update you receive after the Easter holiday will include more details about what and how to respond to the class email address and guidelines to when teachers will respond to anything coming in from home.

 The contact from school will be from:

 For example: – please check your junk mail as well as your inbox.

Thank you for all you are currently doing at home with your child in completing work sent out already. Please do remember that this is not the education system we have ever known before and that you are doing a great job in being a home educator!

We know it’s difficult but please try to make the most of your family time together.

Talking, reading and playing together are all such important ways of learning.

Yours sincerely,

All the staff at Tuel Lane Infant School.