Computing at Home

Computing at Home

Here are some websites to support your child’s learning at home

The BBC Schools website can be used to support all areas of the curriculum.  There are educational videos and games available for each subject.  (The old link/version still has lots of activities available)   (The new version links to the new curriculum)

Phonics Play has some sample phonics games available for free.

 Here are some ‘App’ suggestions to support your child at home.

We use some of these apps with the children in school.  Each class has a small number of ipads.  The children learn how to use them for research, to present information, to solve puzzles and mathematical problems.  They can also practise their phonics skills and take photos or videos of their achievements in class.  Please remember these are only suggestions (different tablets and ipads can offer different versions of some of these apps for free).

Twinkl (phonics games)

Inventor  (Problem solving puzzles)

Book Creator (Use drawings, photos and text to create your own information or story book)

Pic collage (Arrange photos and add comments, labels and captions)

BeeBot (Can you give the BeeBot the correct commands to direct him around the map?)

Cbeebies (A variety of subjects with familiar TV characters)