Tuel Lane Newsletter: 13th September 2019

Tuel Lane Newsletter: 13th September 2019

Budding Artists!

Before the summer, the children at Tuel Lane created some individual pieces of art for the ‘Drawing Matters’ competition (see newsletter article 18/07/19). Nine of our pupils were then chosen as winners to have their work displayed at the Artworks gallery and I am very pleased to announce that the artist Chris Mould (pictured) judged the competition and two of our pupils have been selected as winners:

Strongest Visual Message, runner-up: Joni S

Best Animal extinction message, runner-up: Hannah W

The ‘Drawing Matters’ exhibition runs until 29 September, so there is still time to see all of the exhibits. The winning postcard entries will then be exhibited in Harveys Halifax Department Store once the exhibition at Artworks has finished.

As part of Artworks’ Heritage Open Weekend celebrations, they will be running a bracelet-making activity from 1-3pm this Sunday, 15th September – cost £3, drop-in, no need to book.

Congratulations to Joni and Hannah!

Class Newsletters

Your child will have brought home tonight their Class Newsletter – this gives parents information relevant to each class and is a useful document to know what your child will be learning about this half term and reminders of important dates and routines. Please do ask if you need another copy or see the class notice boards.


Good attendance at school is a major contributing factor for your child in making good progress. Evidence shows that children who attend school regularly are more successful, not only in school, but in all areas of life.

Your children attend school for 190 days out of 365. This leaves 175 days for holidays. Please book your holidays during these 175 days when school is closed. If you do take your child on holiday during term time without authorisation, then you will be at risk of receiving a Fixed Term Penalty Notice.
As a result of changes to the attendance regulations introduced by the Department for Education from September 2013:

‘Head teachers will no longer be able to grant pupils a leave of absence for the purpose of a family holiday during term time’.


Please see the school’s Attendance Policy (on our website) for all the details.


Parking around schools can be an issue all over the country – often schools, just like ours, were built at a time when everyone walked to school as cars hadn’t been invented! In today’s hectic world and the need to get places quickly, we can sometimes forget our responsibilities as road users. Please can I ask for your help, cooperation and consideration for all of our school community when parking near school – blocking pavements with parked cars means pushchairs and wheelchairs are unable to safely access our school grounds and therefore can put our children and their parents at risk.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Diary Dates

Tues 24/09 – Reception Information

Session (9.15am or 6.00pm)

Wed 16/10 – Parent’s Evening

Thurs 17/10 – Parent’s Evening

Thurs 24/10 – Autumn Concert

(9.15am & 2.15pm)

Fri 25/10 – School Closes (3.15pm)